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Australian tour operator ‘Personal Concierge’ service 
to the rescue of stranded passengers in Greece

Halina Kubica While more than 180,000 people still remain stranded on Greece’s popular tourist island destinations as a result of ferry crew going on strike earlier this week, Australian tour operator Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre says its passengers travel arrangements have been proficiently handled. The company offers a unique personal concierge service for all its guests that is based in Athens and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Our Athens office has been in contact with guests who have been affected by the unexpected ferry cancellations and are servicing their requirements accordingly”, said Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre managing director, Halina Kubica. Over the last couple of days, Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre’s personal concierge has been on hand to provide guests with updates on the ferry situation, rearrange programs accordingly, extend accommodation bookings and even issue letters to passengers to make claims with their in