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Our Top 40 Travel Instagram Captions

We all know how important finding that perfect Instagram caption is these days. Stumped for ideas though? Last thing you want to be doing on your perfect holiday is stressing about captions. So, here’s Greece Med’s list of top 40 travel inspired Instagram captions! 1. Anyone else need a bit of beach therapy 2. Sun 🌞 sand 🐚 sea 🌊 3. Is it even a Greece vacation without a beach pic?? 4. Suns out buns out 5. Nothing gets better than this 6. All about that travel life 🌍 7. Outta here ✌ 8. Anyone figured out how to bring a beach home with you yet? 9. In the mood to take a six-month-long vacation twice a year 10. Italy stole a pizza my heart 🍕 11. Blue skies and no worries 12. Holiday doesn’t count if you don’t come back with a tan 13. Vacation mode on 😎 14. I want someone to look at me the way I look at a travel brochure 15. Wanderlust lifestyle 💫 16. Mood 17. Views for days 18. Sunshine is the best medicine 🌅 19. Heaven on earth 20.

Know You're Getting the Best Option for You!

Now more than ever we are seeing a rise in how much the media influences our decisions. Whether conscious or subconscious, this has been a growing trend. What’s in your face is what you’re going to remember. But! This doesn’t mean you’re getting the best, un-influenced advice! Here at Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre we pride ourselves on being experienced destination specialists providing un-biased and tailored recommendations dependant on your every holiday need. Don’t want a hotel with too many stairs? Don’t worry we know what to recommend! Want to visit somewhere that’s known for its cheese? Don’t worry we know exactly what destinations to recommend! Having visited and experienced all our breathtaking destinations, we know everything we tell you isn’t solely based on vague information sent through to us. Nothing beats physically visiting a destination. Being present there, spending the night in the hotels and resorts, going on the tours, taking the priv

Debunking Common Travel Myths

After being in the business for over 17 years, there are a few misconceptions that the destination specialists here at Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre have noticed that keep coming up time and time again. It’s time to put these ideas to rest! Armeni Villace Santorini - Superior Suite 1. Myth: A hotel's star rating is the most important. While we can all appreciate how important a hotels star rating is, one thing that doesn’t seem to be completely understood is that official star rates for hotels in various Mediterranean destinations are not based on the same criteria as in Australia.  This means that often smaller boutique hotels have a lower rating, such as the 3-star Armeni Village in Santorini, simply due to them not having certain amenities. Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only looking for hotels based on ratings. This is where having specialists like us who are experts in the area come in handy, as we can recommend places you may not have fou