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Explore Israel With Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre

Israel is best known as the Holy Land, a country with a rich tapestry of sacred sites for Christians, Jews, Muslims and Bahai’s. Adherents of the world’s great monotheistic religions are drawn to Israel by their spiritual ties to the land. Israel’s tumultuous history has resulted in over 20 civilisations leaving their mark on the land and its cities over a period of 10,000 years making it an archaeological and historical treasure trove. Modern Israel is a vibrant exciting and energetic country with a rich and varied art and culture, exciting nightlife featuring entertainment and cuisine from over 100 countries. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE OR SPEAK TO ONE OF OUR SPECIALISTS NOW About Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Greece and Mediterranean Centre is an Australian owned and operated destination specialist. The company offers a comprehensive set of services including transport, tours, cruises and accommodation for Greece and the Mediterranean region. Established for over