The Feast of St Paul's Shipwreck - Malta

Unique to Malta the feast of the shipwreck of St Paul is held annually on the 10th of February. The feast celebrates the events that proceeded, and including, the shipwreck of St Paul off the shores of Malta.

Although the exact location of the shipwreck was never determined, it is said to have been on the rocks near the shore of Malta. As the story goes, St Paul was travelling to Rome as a prisoner to stand before Caesar, being trialled as a political rebel. However, the ship carrying him, and the 247 others, was caught in a violent storm, leading to it being broken up on the Maltese coast. St Paul was warned of the shipwreck beforehand by God who agreed to spare the lives of everyone on board. All managed to swim to ashore, to be greeted by the local population. While St Paul was standing by a fire, he was bitten by a poisonous snake, yet did not incur any ill effects or injuries. The Maltese took this as a sign that he was perhaps a god. Paul, however, soon shows them it was God’s p…

Our Top 40 Travel Instagram Captions

We all know how important finding that perfect Instagram caption is these days. Stumped for ideas though? Last thing you want to be doing on your perfect holiday is stressing about captions. So, here’s Greece Med’s list of top 40 travel inspired Instagram captions!

1. Anyone else need a bit of beach therapy

2. Sun 🌞 sand 🐚 sea 🌊

3. Is it even a Greece vacation without a beach pic??

4. Suns out buns out

5. Nothing gets better than this

6. All about that travel life 🌍

7. Outta here ✌

8. Anyone figured out how to bring a beach home with you yet?

9. In the mood to take a six-month-long vacation twice a year

10. Italy stole a pizza my heart 🍕

11. Blue skies and no worries

12. Holiday doesn’t count if you don’t come back with a tan

13. Vacation mode on 😎

14. I want someone to look at me the way I look at a travel brochure

15. Wanderlust lifestyle 💫

16. Mood

17. Views for days

18. Sunshine is the best medicine 🌅

19. Heaven on earth

20. Don’t worry, Beach …

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Debunking Common Travel Myths

After being in the business for over 17 years, there are a few misconceptions that the destination specialists here at Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre have noticed thatkeep coming up time and time again. It’s time to put these ideas to rest!

1. Myth: A hotel's star rating is the most important.
While we can all appreciate how important a hotels star rating is, one thing that doesn’t seem to be completely understood is that official star rates for hotels in various Mediterranean destinations are not based on the same criteria as in Australia.  This means that often smaller boutique hotels have a lower rating, such as the 3-star Armeni Village in Santorini, simply due to them not having certain amenities. Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only looking for hotels based on ratings. This is where having specialists like us who are experts in the area come in handy, as we can recommend places you may not have found when looking by stars.
2. Myth: The best way to compare h…

A Very Special Experience Awaits You in Greece

Athens Service Centre 
Our Athens office offers 24 hours, 7days a week support to our travellers. No request is too big or too small. This is an exclusive service available to our clients only.

Your Personal Concierge
Immerse yourself in Grecian history with a private guided tour of the Acropolis or indulge in a luxury wine tasting hosted by a local sommelier and follow it with a sunset dinner on the caldera in Santorini. Our local exclusive concierge service offers you insider access to the wonders of Greece.

Only Settle for the Extraordinary 
Let us provide the local insight to upgrade a holiday from great to unforgettable. We offer our travellers the best on-the-ground information on events, tours, performances, dining destinations, and more. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, let our concierges organise a special dinner, night out, or unique experience. Whether its wedding planning or island hopping, we can take you there

Experience the Best of Greece 
With our combined experi…

Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre shows reality of DIY Travel in new video

Earlier this year, Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre (GMTC) launched the #WhyIDontDIYTravel campaign alongside a competition to highlight the risks travellers face when they book holidays themselves.
The campaign has not only brought to light some of the horror stories, but it has also celebrated the type of incredible trips that can be achieved when booked through an ATAS accredited travel agent. 
The Instagram competition was a resounding success, with the overall winner scoring a holiday to Greece. 
But GMTC still wants to raise awareness. Many people are continuing to choose to book their own holidays and often facing disappointment when things aren’t as they seem or things go wrong. 
GMTC Managing Director Halina Kubica says, “Nothing can replicate the expertise of a knowledgeable travel specialist who is familiar with the locations and will make the best recommendations for the customer. If something goes wrong, travel specialists are the lifeline that can salvage a trip a…

Why is Croatia so hot right now?

Croatia is the new Greece!

Known as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, and most recently recognisable as being a filming location in Game of Thrones (check out the Roman ruins in Split!) It’s easy to see why millions of Australians have already visited Croatia this year.

With more than 1,200 idyllic islands, a blossoming wine scene, and historic beauty in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik, Croatia has all the ingredients for an unforgettable European holiday! No wonder many of our Croatia tours and trips have sold out early.


Tailored to Delight - Meet Alex Karakou

As Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre’s Product Manager, Alex Karakou has been working with us for 5 years. Born in Congo, Alex speaks four languages including Greek, English, French and Swahili, but having lived in Greece he knows all the best secrets and local delights!

One of Alex’s favourite destination apart from Greece is Egypt because of its steep history. He has recently returned from a trip to Turkey, Israel and Greece, and says the trip highlights for him included Cappadocia, The Dead Sea, and the Medieval Palace of Rhodes in Greece, as he is from Rhodes.

Alex enjoys working at Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre because of the passion that the team has about the destinations on offer.

He’s most certainly a people person who loves being able to share his knowledge about the wonderful places he’s travelled to.

August 2019 Specials

2020 Packages at 2019 Prices
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If you book any 2020 Greece brochure package* before the 31st of August 2019, you’ll pay the same prices as this year.

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*Note: This excludes cruise packages.


Earlybird Turkey Special If you want to discover the Jewels of Turkey, we have an incredible tour for that!
Starting and ending in Istanbul you can enjoy 14 days of touring the delights Turkey has to offer in a small group, with an English speaking guide throughout.  Book before the 30th of September 2019 and you’ll get $300 off per room! 

Halina Kubica Interviews Leslie Marios Polydorou from Celestyal Cruises

Our Managing Director Halina interviews Marios Polydorou, Director of Business Development & Travel Experience Centre Celestyal Cruises.  Watch the video to find out more about excursion options during travelling with Celestyal Cruises!