Sicily to Pay for Tourist's Holidays

After being stuck at home for over two months now, we're all craving a summer vacation. If you've had Italy on the bucket list, it might be time to finally tick that one off... The Sicilian Government is offering to pay a portion of tourist's post COVID holidays.

An estimated €50 million (AU$84 million) has been budgeted to help lure tourists to the stunning island located just off the coast of Italy. They are offering to pay for half of tourists airfares to and from the island, along with one in three nights accommodation. To sweeten the deal even more, they are removing fees for museums and archaeological sites, letting you explore some of the richest historical sites and still have a bit of extra cash left over for another cheeky arancini.

They aim to do this by handing out vouchers through Sicily's tourism website. While they are yet to release when these will be available to the public, and whether they will be available for Australian tourists, borders and overseas travel has to be re-opened before any of these plans can proceed.

So keep an ear out if you've dreamed of roaming the streets of Palermo, swimming in the stunning beaches of Taormina, or exploring the wonder of the volcano Mount Etna because this might be your chance to do it all at a fantastic price!

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