Duabai to Welcome Tourists & Visitors From 7th July 2020!

We're all itching to get back out and discover the world, so it's with great excitement that we hear Dubai is opening up to tourists and visitors from the 7th of July 2020!! This isn't without extra measures and precautions being put in placed to help ensure the spread of COVID-19 is contained. All tourists and visitors allowed to enter will be according to Dubai Airport's official flight schedules and subject to airports being operational at their departure destinations. Arrivals will also have to show their PCR test results, which are valid for 92 hours, upon their arrival to Dubai, or partake in a test at Dubai Airports. If tested positive, a mandatory 14-day quarantine will be imposed.

Travellers are also required to adhere to all official measures and requirements established by the Dubai Government and other countries before travelling and after returning to Dubai. Before travelling they will have to both disclose any symptoms by filling in forms provided by airlines and and ensure they have International Health Insurance coverage.

Same as in the past, entry visa required to visit the UAE must still be fulfilled, although travellers will now have to register all their details in the COVID-19 DXB app. Even if all the right measures have been taken, airlines have the right to deny travellers if they display any symptoms of COVID-19.

Thermal screening devices will take travellers temperature upon arrival. Mask wearing, 2m social distancing and regular hand washing are also mandatory.

Another step towards the world re-opening for travel! But until then, take the time to plan out your next perfect holiday. Check out the full Dubai brochure here.


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