Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre shows reality of DIY Travel in new video

Earlier this year, Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre (GMTC) launched the #WhyIDontDIYTravel campaign alongside a competition to highlight the risks travellers face when they book holidays themselves.

The campaign has not only brought to light some of the horror stories, but it has also celebrated the type of incredible trips that can be achieved when booked through an ATAS accredited travel agent. 

The Instagram competition was a resounding success, with the overall winner scoring a holiday to Greece. 

But GMTC still wants to raise awareness. Many people are continuing to choose to book their own holidays and often facing disappointment when things aren’t as they seem or things go wrong. 

GMTC Managing Director Halina Kubica says, “Nothing can replicate the expertise of a knowledgeable travel specialist who is familiar with the locations and will make the best recommendations for the customer. If something goes wrong, travel specialists are the lifeline that can salvage a trip and be the difference between being stranded and stressed, or just slightly inconvenienced.” 

It’s also about costs when by booking individually, with travellers not realising that, in many cases, travel agents and specialists can actually save customers an average of $452 per trip, offering better value for money. 

Nothing highlights the differences for travellers choosing to DIY over those who chose a travel specialist more than the latest video by GMTC. The video reinforces the importance of dealing with experts when booking a holiday, particularly overseas, by showing caricatures Lisa and Anne embark on similar journeys to Greece, but with drastically different experiences. 

Whilst Lisa has no problem transferring from the airport to her upgraded hotel room, Anne faces problems as soon as she arrives by trying, and failing, to find a taxi. The video showcases their different experiences through activity booking, travelling, and stays highlighting the risks of DIY booking but in a fun and creative way by GMTC. 

Halina says of the video, “Although it’s lighthearted, this video accurately reflects some of the many issues that DIY travellers can face throughout their trip. Not many people realise how many things can actually go wrong or the amount that needs to be booked in advance until they turn up for their holiday and it has been missed.” 

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